What is Digital Transformation?

A frequently asked question in both IT and non-IT circles

Digital Transformation is a 4IR technology phenomenon that is affecting lives of people in many different ways hence there is no "one size fits all" definition of Digital Transformation or Digitalisation. 

Digital Transformation involves migration from legacy business systems to using modern innovative technologies

In simpler terms, Digital Transformation is the process followed by Companies in choosing and implementing the best of latest Information & Communications Technology to improve efficiencies in their business operations.
Businesses are analysed and Digital Transformation or Digitalisation solutions are then implemented based on the unique requirements of a Business.
The Internet, mobile computing and end-user computing are at the forefront of Digital Transformation.

Examples of digital technologies contributing to Digital Transformation in 4IR are:

-Smart Mobile devices
-Internet of Things (IoT) platforms
-Location detection technologies
-Advanced human-machine interfaces (mostly in SCADA and MES)
-Advanced Authentication and fraud detection security systems
-3D/4D printing
-Smart sensors
-Big Data analytics
-Virtual reality
-Cloud Applications
-Artificial Intelligence
-Software Managed Networks


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